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Seal Washers
Seal Washers(Standard type II)

Gasket is a kind of sealing spare parts used in machinery, equipment and pipelines as long as there is fluid. It uses internal and external materials to play a sealing role.
Important 4 factors affecting gasket selection (temperature, application, medium, pressure)
Standard of use of rubber gasket:
1. Good elasticity and recovery
2. Can fit well with the contact surface
3. Does not pollute the medium
4. No hardening at low temperature
5. Small shrinkage and easy disassembly.

●Product introduction
Features of Gaskets
1. Has excellent leak-proof function.
2. Excellent oil resistance, heat resistance and weather resistance
3. Can be used repeatedly (2 to 3 times).
4. Excellent usability.
When using ferrules, there is no need to distinguish between front and back.
Even if the gasket is installed in the screw, turn the screw down and it will not come off.

●Precautions for use
1. Aperture:
Standard type I uses JIS B 1001 bolt hole diameter class 2 or less, and chamfered thread chamfer (approximately C0.2).
Standard II type and nut type, use JIS B 1001 bolt hole diameter class 1 or less, chamfered thread chamfer (about C0.2).
2. Surface roughness of the contact surface of the mounting part:
According to JIS B 0601, the finish of the contact surface of the gasket mounting portion should be 10 μmRz or less.
3. Applicable temperature:
This depends on the type of gasket and the conditions of use. Figure 1 shows an example of the relationship between operating temperature and operating time.
4. Working limit pressure:
It depends on the type and size of the gasket.
1) Figure 2 shows examples of working limit pressures using standard Types I, II and III static pressures. When used under fluctuating pressure, the working limit pressure should be the static working limit pressure × 0.4 times.
2) Thread use type
Regardless of size, the working ultimate pressure should be 294 kPa {3 kgf/cm2}.
5. Tightening torque
Gasket tightening torque may vary depending on gasket type, screw type used, lubrication conditions and tightening speed.
6. The thread type cannot be used for screws and bolts with different pitches.
7. The SUS304 core metal used in our gaskets is generally non-magnetic, but may show magnetic properties due to press processing.
8. Since the oil (liquid) used, the environment of use, the conditions of use and installation conditions will have different effects on the function of the product, it is recommended that customers check before use.

●Save the precautions for use
1. Store in a cool and dark place, avoid direct sunlight and high temperature (40℃ or higher).
2. Be careful not to damage the rubber part when assembling.
3. It is recommended to use it up within two years


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