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Titanium (Alloy) screw
Hexagonal titanium alloy bolts

Titanium screws are indispensable industrial necessities in daily life: extremely small screws for glasses, electronics, etc.; general screws for televisions, electrical products, etc.; transportation equipment, aircraft, automobiles, etc. are used for both large and small screws. In addition, due to the corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance of titanium, it is cold and brittle, and it is an ideal material for low-temperature containers, storage tanks and other equipment. Most of titanium screws are used in submarines, aviation power, high-end kitchen utensils, and unmanned vehicles. High temperature, can be used normally in ultra-low temperature. Titanium screws are widely used in medical auxiliary treatment. Titanium screws have good compatibility with human tissue and blood even in the human body. At present, the main products of titanium are cardiac stents, intramedullary nails, dental implants, therapeutic instruments and some physiotherapy equipment that has a lot of contact with the human body. And the fastener components in these devices must also be titanium products.


Product No.
Model number
Material + Surface Treatment
Thread Specifications
Screw length
Effective thread length
GR5-RCCB3-10 GR5-RCCB M3X0.5 10 全牙
GR5-RCCB3-15 GR5-RCCB M3X0.5 15 全牙
GR5-RCCB4-10 GR5-RCCB M4X0.7 10 全牙
GR5-RCCB4-15 GR5-RCCB M4X0.7 15 全牙
GR5-RCCB4-20 GR5-RCCB M4X0.7 20 全牙
GR5-RCCB4-25 GR5-RCCB M4X0.7 25 全牙
GR5-RCCB4-30 GR5-RCCB M4X0.7 30 全牙
GR5-RCCB5-10 GR5-RCCB M5X0.8 10 全牙
GR5-RCCB5-15 GR5-RCCB M5X0.8 15 全牙
GR5-RCCB5-20 GR5-RCCB M5X0.8 20 全牙
GR5-RCCB5-25 GR5-RCCB M5X0.8 25 全牙
GR5-RCCB5-30 GR5-RCCB M5X0.8 30 全牙
GR5-RCCB5-35 GR5-RCCB M5X0.8 35 全牙
GR5-RCCB5-40 GR5-RCCB M5X0.8 40 全牙
GR5-RCCB6-10 GR5-RCCB M6X1 10 全牙
GR5-RCCB6-15 GR5-RCCB M6X1 15 全牙
GR5-RCCB6-20 GR5-RCCB M6X1 20 全牙
GR5-RCCB6-25 GR5-RCCB M6X1 25 全牙
GR5-RCCB6-30 GR5-RCCB M6X1 30 全牙
GR5-RCCB6-35 GR5-RCCB M6X1 35 全牙
GR5-RCCB6-40 GR5-RCCB M6X1 40 全牙
GR5-RCCB6-45 GR5-RCCB M6X1 45 全牙
GR5-RCCB6-50 GR5-RCCB M6X1 50 全牙
GR5-RCCB8-10 GR5-RCCB M8X1.25 10 全牙
GR5-RCCB8-15 GR5-RCCB M8X1.25 15 全牙
GR5-RCCB8-20 GR5-RCCB M8X1.25 20 全牙
GR5-RCCB8-25 GR5-RCCB M8X1.25 25 全牙
GR5-RCCB8-30 GR5-RCCB M8X1.25 30 全牙
GR5-RCCB8-35 GR5-RCCB M8X1.25 35 全牙
GR5-RCCB8-40 GR5-RCCB M8X1.25 40 全牙
GR5-RCCB8-45 GR5-RCCB M8X1.25 45 全牙
GR5-RCCB8-50 GR5-RCCB M8X1.25 50 全牙
GR5-RCCB8-55 GR5-RCCB M8X1.25 55 全牙
GR5-RCCB8-60 GR5-RCCB M8X1.25 60 全牙
GR5-RCCB10-15 GR5-RCCB M10X1.5 15 全牙
GR5-RCCB10-20 GR5-RCCB M10X1.5 20 全牙
GR5-RCCB10-25 GR5-RCCB M10X1.5 25 全牙
GR5-RCCB10-30 GR5-RCCB M10X1.5 30 全牙
GR5-RCCB10-35 GR5-RCCB M10X1.5 35 全牙
GR5-RCCB10-40 GR5-RCCB M10X1.5 40 全牙
GR5-RCCB10-45 GR5-RCCB M10X1.5 45 全牙
GR5-RCCB10-50 GR5-RCCB M10X1.5 50 全牙
GR5-RCCB10-55 GR5-RCCB M10X1.5 55 全牙
GR5-RCCB10-60 GR5-RCCB M10X1.5 60 全牙
GR5-RCCB12-20 GR5-RCCB M12X1.75 20 全牙
GR5-RCCB12-30 GR5-RCCB M12X1.75 30 全牙
GR5-RCCB12-40 GR5-RCCB M12X1.75 40 全牙
GR5-RCCB12-50 GR5-RCCB M12X1.75 50 全牙
GR5-RCCB12-60 GR5-RCCB M12X1.75 60 全牙
GR5-RCCB12-70 GR5-RCCB M12X1.75 70 全牙
GR5-RCCB12-80 GR5-RCCB M12X1.75 80 全牙
GR5-RCCB14-40 GR5-RCCB M14X2 40 全牙
GR5-RCCB14-50 GR5-RCCB M14X2 50 全牙
GR5-RCCB14-60 GR5-RCCB M14X2 60 全牙
GR5-RCCB14-70 GR5-RCCB M14X2 70 全牙
GR5-RCCB14-80 GR5-RCCB M14X2 80 全牙
GR5-RCCB16-40 GR5-RCCB M16X2 40 全牙
GR5-RCCB16-50 GR5-RCCB M16X2 50 全牙
GR5-RCCB16-60 GR5-RCCB M16X2 60 全牙
GR5-RCCB16-70 GR5-RCCB M16X2 70 全牙
GR5-RCCB16-80 GR5-RCCB M16X2 80 全牙
GR5-RCCB16-90 GR5-RCCB M16X2 90 全牙
GR5-RCCB16-100 GR5-RCCB M16X2 100 全牙
GR5-RCCB20-40 GR5-RCCB M20X2.5 40 全牙
GR5-RCCB20-50 GR5-RCCB M20X2.5 50 全牙
GR5-RCCB20-60 GR5-RCCB M20X2.5 60 全牙
GR5-RCCB20-70 GR5-RCCB M20X2.5 70 全牙
GR5-RCCB20-80 GR5-RCCB M20X2.5 80 全牙
GR5-RCCB20-90 GR5-RCCB M20X2.5 90 全牙
GR5-RCCB20-100 GR5-RCCB M20X2.5 100 全牙

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