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Machine Screws
Countersunk head socket head cap screws (Material: SCM435)(Full teeth)

Also known as a countersunk head screw, the head of the entire screw can be screwed into the workpiece without protruding from the head of the screw. Flatten the surface of the workpiece

Characteristics of socket head cap screws
1. It is not easy to slip teeth.
2. It can be countersunk in use, that is, the whole nut is sunk into the workpiece, which can keep the surface of the workpiece smooth and beautiful.
3. More assembly occasions, especially narrow occasions, so it is very convenient to assemble and maintain, and it is also convenient to debug.
4. The tools we usually use are adjustable wrenches, screwdrivers and open-end wrenches, etc., and special wrenches must be used to remove the socket head cap screws. Therefore, it is not easy for ordinary people to disassemble, which is also a benefit.


Product No.
Model number
Material + Surface Treatment
Thread Specifications
Screw length
Effective thread length
RU-163-7941 B73-0305 SCM435+染黑 M3X0.5 5 全牙
RU-163-7959 B73-0306 SCM435+染黑 M3X0.5 6 全牙
RU-163-7967 B73-0308 SCM435+染黑 M3X0.5 8 全牙
RU-163-7975 B73-0310 SCM435+染黑 M3X0.5 10 全牙
RU-163-7983 B73-0312 SCM435+染黑 M3X0.5 12 全牙
RU-163-8009 B73-0315 SCM435+染黑 M3X0.5 15 全牙
RU-163-8041 B73-0320 SCM435+染黑 M3X0.5 20 全牙
RU-163-8084 B73-0406 SCM435+染黑 M4X0.7 6 全牙
RU-163-8092 B73-0408 SCM435+染黑 M4X0.7 8 全牙
RU-163-8149 B73-0410 SCM435+染黑 M4X0.7 10 全牙
RU-163-8157 B73-0412 SCM435+染黑 M4X0.7 12 全牙
RU-163-8173 B73-0415 SCM435+染黑 M4X0.7 15 全牙
RU-163-8203 B73-0420 SCM435+染黑 M4X0.7 20 全牙
RU-163-8271 B73-0508 SCM435+染黑 M5X0.8 8 全牙
RU-163-8289 B73-0510 SCM435+染黑 M5X0.8 10 全牙
RU-163-8297 B73-0512 SCM435+染黑 M5X0.8 12 全牙
RU-163-8319 B73-0515 SCM435+染黑 M5X0.8 15 全牙
RU-163-8343 B73-0520 SCM435+染黑 M5X0.8 20 全牙
RU-163-8360 B73-0525 SCM435+染黑 M5X0.8 25 全牙
RU-163-8378 B73-0530 SCM435+染黑 M5X0.8 30 全牙
RU-163-8441 B73-0610 SCM435+染黑 M6X1 10 全牙
RU-163-8459 B73-0612 SCM435+染黑 M6X1 12 全牙
RU-163-8475 B73-0615 SCM435+染黑 M6X1 15 全牙
RU-163-8483 B73-0616 SCM435+染黑 M6X1 16 全牙
RU-163-8491 B73-0618 SCM435+染黑 M6X1 18 全牙
RU-163-8505 B73-0620 SCM435+染黑 M6X1 20 全牙
RU-163-8521 B73-0625 SCM435+染黑 M6X1 25 全牙
RU-163-8530 B73-0630 SCM435+染黑 M6X1 30 全牙
RU-163-8599 B73-0812 SCM435+染黑 M8X1.25 12 全牙
RU-163-8602 B73-0815 SCM435+染黑 M8X1.25 15 全牙
RU-163-8611 B73-0816 SCM435+染黑 M8X1.25 16 全牙
RU-163-8637 B73-0820 SCM435+染黑 M8X1.25 20 全牙
RU-163-8688 B73-0825 SCM435+染黑 M8X1.25 25 全牙
RU-163-8696 B73-0830 SCM435+染黑 M8X1.25 30 全牙
RU-163-8700 B73-0835 SCM435+染黑 M8X1.25 35 全牙
RU-163-8718 B73-0840 SCM435+染黑 M8X1.25 40 全牙
RU-163-8793 B73-1020 SCM435+染黑 M10X1.5 20 全牙
RU-163-8815 B73-1025 SCM435+染黑 M10X1.5 25 全牙
RU-163-8823 B73-1030 SCM435+染黑 M10X1.5 30 全牙
RU-163-8831 B73-1035 SCM435+染黑 M10X1.5 35 全牙
RU-163-8840 B73-1040 SCM435+染黑 M10X1.5 40 全牙
RU-163-8912 B73-1220 SCM435+染黑 M12X1.75 20 全牙
RU-163-8921 B73-1225 SCM435+染黑 M12X1.75 25 全牙
RU-163-8939 B73-1230 SCM435+染黑 M12X1.75 30 全牙
RU-163-8947 B73-1235 SCM435+染黑 M12X1.75 35 全牙
RU-163-8955 B73-1240 SCM435+染黑 M12X1.75 40 全牙
RU-163-8963 B73-1245 SCM435+染黑 M12X1.75 45 全牙
RU-163-8971 B73-1250 SCM435+染黑 M12X1.75 50 全牙

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