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Machine Screws
Hexagon socket head screw (Material: SUS304)(Half teeth)

Characteristics of socket head cap screws
1. It is not easy to slip teeth.
2. It can be countersunk in use, that is, the whole nut is sunk into the workpiece, which can keep the surface of the workpiece smooth and beautiful.
3. More assembly occasions, especially narrow occasions, so it is very convenient to assemble and maintain, and it is also convenient to debug.
4. The tools we usually use are adjustable wrenches, screwdrivers and open-end wrenches, etc., and special wrenches must be used to remove the socket head cap screws. Therefore, it is not easy for ordinary people to disassemble, which is also a benefit.


Product No.
Model number
Material + Surface Treatment
Thread Specifications
Screw length
Effective thread length
RU-160-1431 B44-0325 SUS304 M3X0.5 25 12
RU-160-1440 B44-0330 SUS304 M3X0.5 30 12
RU-160-1539 B44-0430 SUS304 M4X0.7 30 14
RU-160-1547 B44-0435 SUS304 M4X0.7 35 14
RU-160-1555 B44-0440 SUS304 M4X0.7 30 14
RU-160-1563 B44-0445 SUS304 M4X0.7 45 14
RU-160-1571 B44-0450 SUS304 M4X0.7 50 14
RU-160-1661 B44-0530 SUS304 M5X0.8 30 16
RU-160-1679 B44-0535 SUS304 M5X0.8 35 16
RU-160-1687 B44-0540 SUS304 M5X0.8 40 16
RU-160-1695 B44-0545 SUS304 M5X0.8 45 16
RU-160-1709 B44-0550 SUS304 M5X0.8 50 16
RU-160-1806 B44-0635 SUS304 M6X1 35 18
RU-160-1814 B44-0640 SUS304 M6X1 40 18
RU-160-1822 B44-0645 SUS304 M6X1 45 18
RU-160-1831 B44-0650 SUS304 M6X1 50 18
RU-212-9205 B44-0655 SUS304 M6X1 55 18
RU-212-9213 B44-0660 SUS304 M6X1 60 18
RU-212-9221 B44-0665 SUS304 M6X1 65 18
RU-212-9230 B44-0670 SUS304 M6X1 70 18
RU-160-1938 B44-0840 SUS304 M8X1.25 40 22
RU-160-1946 B44-0845 SUS304 M8X1.25 45 22
RU-160-1954 B44-0850 SUS304 M8X1.25 50 22
RU-212-9248 B44-0855 SUS304 M8X1.25 55 22
RU-212-9256 B44-0860 SUS304 M8X1.25 60 22
RU-212-9264 B44-0865 SUS304 M8X1.25 65 22
RU-212-9272 B44-0870 SUS304 M8X1.25 70 22
RU-212-9281 B44-0875 SUS304 M8X1.25 75 22
RU-160-2039 B44-1045 SUS304 M10X1.5 45 26
RU-160-2047 B44-1050 SUS304 M10X1.5 50 26
RU-212-9299 B44-1055 SUS304 M10X1.5 55 26
RU-212-9302 B44-1060 SUS304 M10X1.5 60 26
RU-212-9311 B44-1065 SUS304 M10X1.5 65 26
RU-212-9329 B44-1070 SUS304 M10X1.5 70 26
RU-212-9337 B44-1075 SUS304 M10X1.5 75 26
RU-207-3261 B44-1255 SUS304 M12X1.75 55 30
RU-207-3262 B44-1260 SUS304 M12X1.75 60 30
RU-207-3263 B44-1275 SUS304 M12X1.75 75 30

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