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Machine Screws
Hexagon socket head cap screws (Material: steel)(Full teeth)

Characteristics of socket head cap screws
1. It is not easy to slip teeth.
2. It can be countersunk in use, that is, the whole nut is sunk into the workpiece, which can keep the surface of the workpiece smooth and beautiful.
3. More assembly occasions, especially narrow occasions, so it is very convenient to assemble and maintain, and it is also convenient to debug.
4. The tools we usually use are adjustable wrenches, screwdrivers and open-end wrenches, etc., and special wrenches must be used to remove the socket head cap screws. Therefore, it is not easy for ordinary people to disassemble, which is also a benefit.

In addition to saving space for fixing parts, low-head screws can also be used as cover bolts. They are mainly used in automobiles, construction, machinery, home appliances, electronic industries, locomotives and bicycle parts.

Engineering plastic screws
Features such as insulation, non-magnetic, corrosion resistance, never rust Strength, impact resistance comparable to metal
1. Medical equipment industry (insulation, non-magnetic, environmental protection, anti-interference, make medical equipment safer to use)
2. Wind power industry (isolation and insulation of chassis circuit PCB board)
3. Aerospace industry (insulation and anti-interference on electronic equipment)
4. Office equipment industry (never rusted, beautiful and practical)
5. Petrochemical industry (high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, prolong the service life of equipment)
6. Electronics industry (insulation, anti-interference, light weight)
7. Communication industry (insulation, non-magnetic, safety)
8. Shipbuilding industry (acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, prolong service life)


Product No.
Model number
Material + Surface Treatment
Thread Specifications
Screw length
Effective thread length
RU-285-8291 B081-0306 鋼+染黑 M3X0.5 6 全牙
RU-285-8304 B081-0308 鋼+染黑 M3X0.5 8 全牙
RU-285-8312 B081-0310 鋼+染黑 M3X0.5 10 全牙
RU-285-8321 B081-0312 鋼+染黑 M3X0.5 12 全牙
RU-285-8339 B081-0316 鋼+染黑 M3X0.5 16 全牙
RU-285-8355 B081-0406 鋼+染黑 M4X0.7 6 全牙
RU-285-8363 B081-0408 鋼+染黑 M4X0.7 8 全牙
RU-285-8371 B081-0410 鋼+染黑 M4X0.7 10 全牙
RU-285-8380 B081-0412 鋼+染黑 M4X0.7 12 全牙
RU-285-8398 B081-0416 鋼+染黑 M4X0.7 16 全牙
RU-285-8401 B081-0420 鋼+染黑 M4X0.7 20 全牙
RU-285-8428 B081-0508 鋼+染黑 M5X0.8 8 全牙
RU-285-8436 B081-0510 鋼+染黑 M5X0.8 10 全牙
RU-285-8444 B081-0512 鋼+染黑 M5X0.8 12 全牙
RU-285-8452 B081-0516 鋼+染黑 M5X0.8 16 全牙
RU-285-8461 B081-0520 鋼+染黑 M5X0.8 20 全牙
RU-285-8479 B081-0525 鋼+染黑 M5X0.8 25 全牙
RU-285-8495 B081-0610 鋼+染黑 M6X1 10 全牙
RU-285-8509 B081-0612 鋼+染黑 M6X1 12 全牙
RU-285-8517 B081-0616 鋼+染黑 M6X1 16 全牙
RU-285-8525 B081-0620 鋼+染黑 M6X1 20 全牙
RU-285-8533 B081-0625 鋼+染黑 M6X1 25 全牙
RU-285-8576 B081-0810 鋼+染黑 M8X1.25 10 全牙
RU-285-8584 B081-0812 鋼+染黑 M8X1.25 12 全牙
RU-285-8592 B081-0816 鋼+染黑 M8X1.25 16 全牙
RU-285-8606 B081-0820 鋼+染黑 M8X1.25 20 全牙
RU-285-8614 B081-0825 鋼+染黑 M8X1.25 25 全牙
RU-285-8622 B081-0830 鋼+染黑 M8X1.25 30 全牙

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