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Machine Screws
Low Countersunk head Phillips screw (Material: Steel/SUS)

Also known as a countersunk head screw, the head of the entire screw can be screwed into the workpiece without protruding from the head of the screw. Flatten the surface of the workpiece

In addition to saving space for fixing parts, low-head screws can also be used as cover bolts. They are mainly used in automobiles, construction, machinery, home appliances, electronic industries, locomotives and bicycle parts.


Product No.
Material + Surface Treatment
Thread Specifications
Screw length
Effective thread length
BSARA3-5 BSARA 鋼+鍍層 M3X0.5 5 全牙
BSARA3-6 BSARA 鋼+鍍層 M3X0.5 6 全牙
BSARA3-8 BSARA 鋼+鍍層 M3X0.5 8 全牙
BSARA3-10 BSARA 鋼+鍍層 M3X0.5 10 全牙
BSARA3-12 BSARA 鋼+鍍層 M3X0.5 12 全牙
BSARA3-15 BSARA 鋼+鍍層 M3X0.5 15 全牙
BSARA4-6 BSARA 鋼+鍍層 M4X0.7 6 全牙
BSARA4-8 BSARA 鋼+鍍層 M4X0.7 8 全牙
BSARA4-10 BSARA 鋼+鍍層 M4X0.7 10 全牙
BSARA4-12 BSARA 鋼+鍍層 M4X0.7 12 全牙
BSARA4-15 BSARA 鋼+鍍層 M4X0.7 15 全牙
BSARA4-20 BSARA 鋼+鍍層 M4X0.7 20 全牙
BSARA4-25 BSARA 鋼+鍍層 M4X0.7 25 全牙
BSARA4-30 BSARA 鋼+鍍層 M4X0.7 30 全牙
BSARA5-8 BSARA 鋼+鍍層 M5X0.8 8 全牙
BSARA5-10 BSARA 鋼+鍍層 M5X0.8 10 全牙
BSARA5-12 BSARA 鋼+鍍層 M5X0.8 12 全牙
BSARA5-15 BSARA 鋼+鍍層 M5X0.8 15 全牙
BSARA5-20 BSARA 鋼+鍍層 M5X0.8 20 全牙
BSARA5-25 BSARA 鋼+鍍層 M5X0.8 25 全牙
BSARA5-30 BSARA 鋼+鍍層 M5X0.8 30 全牙
BSARA6-10 BSARA 鋼+鍍層 M6X1 10 全牙
BSARA6-12 BSARA 鋼+鍍層 M6X1 12 全牙
BSARA6-15 BSARA 鋼+鍍層 M6X1 15 全牙
BSARA6-20 BSARA 鋼+鍍層 M6X1 20 全牙
BSARA6-25 BSARA 鋼+鍍層 M6X1 25 全牙
BSARA6-30 BSARA 鋼+鍍層 M6X1 30 全牙
BSARAS4-6 BSARAS 不銹鋼 M4X0.7 6 全牙
BSARAS4-8 BSARAS 不銹鋼 M4X0.7 8 全牙
BSARAS4-10 BSARAS 不銹鋼 M4X0.7 10 全牙
BSARAS4-12 BSARAS 不銹鋼 M4X0.7 12 全牙
BSARAS4-15 BSARAS 不銹鋼 M4X0.7 15 全牙
BSARAS4-20 BSARAS 不銹鋼 M4X0.7 20 全牙
BSARAS4-25 BSARAS 不銹鋼 M4X0.7 25 全牙
BSARAS4-30 BSARAS 不銹鋼 M4X0.7 30 全牙
BSARAS5-8 BSARAS 不銹鋼 M5X0.8 8 全牙
BSARAS5-10 BSARAS 不銹鋼 M5X0.8 10 全牙
BSARAS5-12 BSARAS 不銹鋼 M5X0.8 12 全牙
BSARAS5-15 BSARAS 不銹鋼 M5X0.8 15 全牙
BSARAS5-20 BSARAS 不銹鋼 M5X0.8 20 全牙
BSARAS5-25 BSARAS 不銹鋼 M5X0.8 25 全牙
BSARAS5-30 BSARAS 不銹鋼 M5X0.8 30 全牙
BSARAS6-10 BSARAS 不銹鋼 M6X1 10 全牙
BSARAS6-12 BSARAS 不銹鋼 M6X1 12 全牙
BSARAS6-15 BSARAS 不銹鋼 M6X1 15 全牙
BSARAS6-20 BSARAS 不銹鋼 M6X1 20 全牙
BSARAS6-25 BSARAS 不銹鋼 M6X1 25 全牙
BSARAS6-30 BSARAS 不銹鋼 M6X1 30 全牙

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