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Hydraulic Semi Automatic Type Rotary Circular Sawing Machine

This machine is a semi automatic rotary sawing machine of automatic gripping and automatic feeding and withdrawing. It is the machine that can bring the functions into full play the most among all rotary sawing machines. It can saw round, flat, square, concavo-convex, arc, and bent pieces, and it an groove as well.

a. It is of high safety. The saw blade's transmission system is under the principal part, and there is a protective lid on the saw blade. When the protective lid if lifted, or when the front door is open, the automatic cutting will stop right away. The machine will be motionless when the entire protective system is not securely executed.
b. It will not cut repeatedly when sawing from the down side to the up side, Therefore, it's quick in cutting, and the cutting tool is more durable. Aa a result, it can save the cost and increase the output.
c. The fixture adopts the down pressing and side clamping. It can grip tightly. The datum plane sawing is of high precision. It does not need to cooperate with multiple types of clamped molds, and it can save the cost and the time of changing the clamped molds.
d. The fixture can shift back and forward, and is speedy in shifting. It can cut down at the tiniest place of the cutting point, and saw and cut the materials and artcles most efficiently. It can saw rapidly, and the saw blade is of long life-span.
e. It is equipped with electronic saw blade protective device. The machine will stop immediately when the saw blade is blunt or abnormal.
f. The sawing height and the withdrawing depth can be easily adjusted. It can save the time and increase the output.
g. The iron chippings are treated together, convenient and clean.
h. It's the most convenient, the most accurate, and the fastest in adjusting the angles; left 90 degree to 45 degree; right 90 degree to 45 degree. There is the location fixing bolt for 180 degrees grooving. It is precise in position fixing, and it's clear in carving.

Standard Accessories
a. Basic Machine
b. Hydraulic system
c. Safety system
d. Overcurrent protector
e. Counter
f. HSS saw blade 300x2.0x32x1 pc
g. Tool box 1 set
h. Cutting oil x1 bottle(500c.c.)


Model CH-400-2AD
Head rotation angle 90° / 45°
Sawing capacity Area:mm -Solide bar 70 / 60
Sawing capacity Area:mm -Round tube ø130 / ø130
Sawing capacity Area:mm -Angle steel 120 x 120 / 110 x 110
Sawing capacity Area:mm -Square tube 120 x 120 / 110 x 110
Sawing capacity Area:mm -Trough-shaped steel 120 x 120 / 120 x 120
Sawing capacity Area:mm -Rectangular steel 305 x 20 / 245 x 30
Cutting Motor

A: 5HP/ 3HP

B: 3HP/ 2HP

Cutting Speed

A:100 /50 rpm

B:50 / 25 rpm

Cooling Pump Power 1/8 HP
MAX. vise opening 180 mm
Used Circular Saw Blade ø275 - 400 mm
Dimensios(mm) L800 x W1120 x H1770
Machine Weight 850 kgs

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