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Angular Circular Sawing Machine (NC Automatic Type)

**Feeding and rotating angle by servo control**


A. Vertical Slide way up and down saw feeding and with drawing is stable, assuring long cutter operating life and high sawing accuracy.
B. In European design, this model is driven by multi-set gears, suitable for heavy-duty cutting, featuring stable accuracy.
C. Elaborately designed feeding is fast and high precision.
D. Automatic slide way oil lubricating assures long machine operating life.
E. Using PLC, this unit has no connection points, no defects, and is easy to maintain.
F. Automatic cooling fluid circulation assures that cut faces are smooth.
G. Control buttons are located together, allowing for simple and convenient operation.
H. Equipped with electronic type saw blade protection device.
I. Equipped with electronic type sawing amount setting and counting device.
J. Automatic non-material machine stopping device.
K. Saw dust is treated together convenient and clean.
L. Equipped with digital display for easy length adjustment, quick and accurate.
M. Chuck pressure is adjustable, ensuring that the tubes will not deform.
N. Tool gap offset.

Feature of rotating angle system:

a. Can make sequential setups for sizes, positions, quantities of the disc sawing machines in advance one time.
b. NC control angle, freedom to set up, cutting angle agreement, accurate and quick.
c. Human machine interface machine. Easy to operate and available for various cutting works.
d. The linear rail with a servo motor and a ball screw is employed so as to ensure feeding fast and accuracy. The tolerance is +/-0.01mm.

Standard Accessories
a. Basic machine
b. NC control system
c. HSS saw blade 300x2.0x32x1 pc
d. Cutting oil x1 bottle(500c.c.)
e. Tool box 1 set
f. Rotating angle system

Optional Accessories
a. Inverter
b. Adjustable type roller material rack
c. Material shelf


Model NC-400-3AIR
Head rotation angle 45 / 90
Sawing Capacity Area: mm - Solid bar 50 / 60
Sawing Capacity Area: mm – Round Tube 120 / 140 
Sawing Capacity Area: mm – Angle Steel 100x100 / 120x120
Sawing Capacity Area: mm – Spuare Tube 115x115 / 120x120
Sawing Capacity Area: mm – Trough-shaped Steel 115x115 / 120x120
Sawing Capacity Area: mm – Rectangular Steel 80x115 / 80x150
Cutting Motor

A: 3HP / 6P(Standard type)

B: 2HP / 8P

Cutting Speed

A:72/32 rpm(Standard type)

B:  55/22 rpm

Cooling Pump Power 1/8HP
Max. vise opening 150 mm
Used Cirular Saw Blade 275-400 mm
Feeding Length 3-700mm per time, it can feed several times.
Machine Dimension(mm) L 1100 x W 2750 x H 2100 mm
Machien Weight (kg) 1650 kgs
NC feeding--Servo Motor 1 KW
NC feeding--Feeding ball screw rod Servo control

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