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NC Control Type Circular Sawing Machine

a. This machine combines TCT saw blade.
b. The master clamp presses from top, and clamps from two sides to ensure stable and accurate clamping.
c. Oscillating type feeding device with ball screws, driven by servo motor, has a feeding accurate of 0.01mm.
d. Oil mist type cooling is clean, and does not pullute the air.
e. Saw blade is protected by overload protector.
f. Touch type screen is easy for ordinary operators to use.
g. Front part and rear part of the material, and finished material are automatically sorted out. Metal chips are removed automatically.
h. sawing type feeding, hydraulic motor, servo motor, and ball screw make the feeding stable, and improve the tool life.
i. 3 point clamped saw blade reduces sawing vibration, and promotes the sawing blade life.

Standard Accessories
1. Basic machine
2. Auto feeding rack
3. Auto oil mist spraying system
4. TCT saw blade
5. Steel brush
6. Spiral type chip removing gadget
7. Working lamp
8. Tool gap offset gadget
9. Auto lubrication system
10. Inverter

Optional Accessories
a. special material shelf
b. out feeding shelf for long material
c. Unloading shelf bundle and single or double pcs
d. Without rest material design can be customization
e. Different teeth saw blade
f. Cooling cut fluid


MODEL NC-70-4A NC-100-4A NC-150-4A
Cut-off Capacity-Round bar 8-70 mm 20-100 mm 35-150 mm
Cut-off Capacity-Square bar 8-55 mm 20-80 mm 70-110 mm
Length of rest material 65+cutting length 70+cutting length 70+cutting length
Material length can be put 2000-6000 mm 2000-6000 mm 2000-6000 mm
Feeding length per time 650 mm 580 mm 580 mm
TCT carbide tipped saw blade 280x2.0x32 360x2.6x40 460x2.7x50
HSS saw blade 250-275mmx2.0(optional) 350mmx2.5(optional) 450mmx3.0(optional)
Saw blade rotation speed 18-200 rpm 18-160 rpm 18-140 rpm
Chip cleaner for saw blade Round steel brush Round steel brush Round steel brush
Spindle driving motor 10HP/ 4P 15HP / 4P 20HP / 4P
Feed Servo motor 1 KW 2 KW 2 KW
Cutting Hydraulic motor 1 KW Servo motor 3 KW Servo motor 3 KW
Hydraulic pump motor 3HP/4P 3HP/4P 5HP/4P
Work driving pressure 70 kg/cm2 70 kg/cm2 70 kg/cm2
Work operating pressure 4-6 kg/cm2 4-6 kg/cm2 4-6 kg/cm2
Cut-off cooing  Air compressed oil mist Air compressed oil mist Air compressed oil mist
Cutting Fluid motor 0.19 kw /4 P - -
Oil tank capacity 95 L 110 L 110 L
Machine Dimension(LxWxH) L1980xW2100xH1870mm L2140xW2150xH2020mm L2240xW2180xH2100mm
Machine Dimension(including rack)LxWxH L6900xW1980xH1870mm L7100xW2140xH2020mm L7100xW2240xH2100mm
Machine Weight(kg) 3200 kgs 3800 kgs 4200 kgs


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