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Direct Drive Linear Torque Motor
Direct Drive Linear Torque Motor-RMC Series

Category: DDR Linear torque motor

To achieve point-to-point motion accurately and quickly, the RMC series direct drive linear torque motor is equipped with a linear encoder with high resolution in the rotating part of the direct drive linear torque motor. At the same time, dual means of built-in photoelectric limit switch and external limit block are used to prevent impact damage to the load and direct drive linear torque motor body caused by inertia speed when the direct drive linear torque motor is running.

Fixed Angle

Configure high-precision linear encoder

Ultra-thin construction, low combination height


Peak torque: 0.32~1.6N·m

Continuous torque: 0.05~0.4N·m

Large diameter hollow shaft can be customized according to customer requirements

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Specification Of Direct Drive Linear Torque Motor-RMC Series


Specification Of Direct Drive Torque Motor-RMC Series


Features Of The CSK Direct Drive Linear Torque Motor-RMC Series

  • The direct drive linear torque motors offer the highest rated thrust force per size, making them ideal for accelerating and moving high masses.

  • The direct drive linear torque motors maintain the necessary stiffness for machining and other process forces, ensuring reliable performance.

  • The direct drive linear torque motors require zero maintenance, a significant advantage for businesses.

  • This is achieved by eliminating components such as ball screws, gearboxes, rack, and pinions, or belts and pulleys, which leads to a reduced machine parts count.

  • The direct drive linear torque motors are designed with zero backlash and compliance, ensuring high positional accuracy. This, along with their high stiffness, guarantees precise operation.

  • The compact mechanical assembly of our motors allows for easy integration into various systems.

  • The reduced machine parts count contributes to the overall efficiency and reliability of our motors.

  • CSK linear motion manufacturer direct drive linear torque motors deliver very smooth velocity, enhancing the overall performance of your operations. Choose CSK’s direct drive linear torque motors for a blend of power, precision, and smooth operation.


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