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Wire-Cut EDM
G Plus Series-V400G Plus
V400G Plus

Smart & Easy
Plentiful cutting technologies、Friendly interface、Remote、Conventient feature.
High Speed reliable AWT
High speed reliable AWT、 Threading in the slot、Threading under water、 Reduce human resource cost when machining multi modles.
Enhance Machining Performance
DPM Module、Discharging Stabilizer、New strategy for corner control、Manual radius size machining、Reduce wire marks from approach cutting、New micron finish circuit.
Power Saving and Low Cost Operation
Intelligent power management、Compensation of wire consumption、Easy to maintain and reduce cost for service.


Machine feature

1. Rigid U, V truss design

2. Stainless steel worktable with hardness HRC 50°.

3. Machine Casting is designed based on the FEA analysis for increasing the rigidity.

4. Machine base with extra wide.

Water cooled lower arm prevents thermal expansion caused by heat buildup. Therefore the accuracy will be improved.

A rugged cast iron machine structure is the foundation of precision.


V400G Plus

Max. workpiece size: 750 x 550 x 215 mm

Max. workpiece weight: 500 kg

Travel of X/Y axes: 400 x 300 mm

Travel of U/V axes: 80 x 80 mm

Travel of Z axis: 220 mm
(Submerged height 210 mm)

Wire diameter: 0.15 - 0.3 mm

Number of axes controlled: 5 Axis AC servo motor

Maximum taper angle: ±22°/ 80mm with wide diamond guide and nozzle

Machine size: 2100 x 2230 x 2175 mm

Machine weight: 2700 kg

Water tank capacity: 650 L

Standard Accessories

  • Ion exchange resin x 10L
  • Paper filter x 2 pcs
  • Diamond guide x 2 pcs
  • Upper and lower flushing nozzle x 2 sets
  • Energizing plates x 2 pcs
  • Brass wire x 1 spool
  • Clamping tool x 1 set
  • Vertical alignment jig x 1 set


  • XY axis linear scale
  • W-Axis
  • Clamping Beam
  • Jumbo Feeder L-50A
  • AWT
  • Double Door
  • AVR 15KVA
  • Power Slide Door
    (Only V650G & V850G)
  • Transformer 15KVA
  • Signal Tower
  • Short Message Service (SMS)
  • Remote Monitor System
  • Super Finish Circuit


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