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Abrasive flow machine
Superhard alloy grinding machine

The abrasive flow machining has been an irreplaceable technology in the field of non-traditional machining process, and machine models are different according to work-pieces. Our current machine models included one way, two way and multi-way flows, among which two-way flow is the most popular. In 2009, our company launched several new products of multifunctional abrasive flow machines with premium quality ranging from the small size (80mm diameter of grinding cylinder) to large size (300mm diameter of grinding cylinder)


  • Electronic Control System:Due to the application of HMI plus PLC programmable control system for machine operation, together with the programmable control system developed by our company, users can proceed detection & process monitoring towards the whole machining process while the abrasive media is extruded through the work-piece in order to achieve the best grinding result based on automatic modification.

  • Rigid main frame:Through the calculation by finite element analysis, the main beam is ensured to avoid deformation under maximum working pressure and enhance the body durability in use.

  • Hydraulic Power:Depending on customers' requirements, we can offer different hydraulic power pressure ranging from 1500PSI ~ 3000PSI.

  • Cooling System:Under long working hours or high speed polishing, the temperature of abrasive media will easily go high, which may shorten its lifespan and cause higher defect rate. Therefore, we dedicate ourselves in designing a cooling system as solution to figure out this issue; users can proceed with grinding under the temperature they set up in order to eliminate the adverse effect out of uncontrollable high temperature (please be noted that this cooling system is the standard equipment for NK200 to NK 300 and it is optional for NK80 to NK 150.)

  • Besides existed models, we also provide customers ODM services according to their projects to manufacture customized machines.

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