Gulf Precision participated in the 2024 Lijia International Intelligent Equipment Exhibition

  The 24th Lijia International Intelligent Equipment Exhibition was held from May 13th to 16th at the North District Exhibition Hall of Chongqing International Expo Center

   This exhibition will be co-sponsored by the China Machinery Industry Federation and more than 20 leading industry associations in the central and western regions. The theme of the exhibition will focus on "CNC intelligence driven, gathering new arts", with a total of 8 theme exhibition areas and 7 exhibition halls, covering an area of ​​about 85,000 square meters; a total of more than 1,000 industry-savvy companies will participate in the exhibition. The exhibition will focus on intelligent manufacturing and digital equipment and technology, and will showcase the innovations and achievements of the equipment manufacturing industry in recent years. Technical exchanges among peers can better promote the common development of various industries, reflect the progress of my country's intelligent equipment technology and workwear, and the gap between the world's advanced smart workwear levels, and can better reflect the level of our technology that has narrowed or even surpassed it. , the exhibition hall displays 1,000 units (sets) of various advanced mechanical processing equipment of more than 1 ton, and tens of thousands of functional components of various types will "compete on the same stage."

  Jiangsu Haiwan Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is exhibiting in Hall N1, booth number: 1302

Exhibiting leaders from all industries are welcome to observe and provide guidance and joint technical exchanges .

In addition, the exhibition also created an intelligent manufacturing system technology innovation and application week, the 10th Industrial Automation and Digital Factory Digital Transformation Technology Exchange, etc. The organizing committee will also work with exhibitors to focus on industry hot spots and create a characteristic display island.

This is an exhibition but also an exchange conference for the docking of industrial and supply chains.

Create a Carnival for Craftsmen

This exhibition will hold activities such as machining/sheet metal/heat treatment/die casting/tools/intelligent testing and quality control/intelligent manufacturing system integration, titled "Red May·Lijia Procurement Festival", focusing on technical exchanges, achievement sharing, experience exchange, and supply chain docking to create a carnival for craftsmen. To strengthen exchanges and mutual learning among more craftsmen , famous craftsmen will be invited to participate in the "Master Lecture and Experience Sharing" at the same time, and the "8th Lijia Cup-New Era·Three New Craftsmen" experience sharing will be launched.

In order to promote the connection and communication of the industrial chain and supply chain, online, a release window will be opened for enterprise equipment and product procurement, technical transformation needs, technical difficulties and other needs; offline, multiple demand projects such as molding equipment and automobile stamping and welding parts will be built during the exhibition period. Docking Day provides enterprises with more accurate procurement and docking services.


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