Gulf Seiko’s June 2024 exhibition notice

Gulf Precision Exhibition Notice :

    In June, we participated in two international-level machine tool-related exhibitions. There were a wide range of products on display, including angle heads used in various conventional machine tools , non-standard products and products newly developed by the company in recent years. The products are mostly used in ships, aviation Aerospace, new energy vehicle manufacturing, oil mining equipment, mold processing and many other fields.

The 2024 XME Xi'an International Machine Tool Exhibition ( Booth No. 2D59      from June 13th to June 16th ); CIMES 2024 (Beijing Exhibition) will be held grandly at the China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Pavilion) from June 17th to 21st.

  The China Machinery Exhibition will be a "summit" for manufacturing colleagues to compete on the same stage. At that time, colleagues can exchange technology with each other and purchase equipment and accessories. We welcome leaders of neighboring companies to visit and give guidance.

    Xi'an International Machine Tool Exhibition will create the 2024 Central Asia Future Intelligent Manufacturing Summit and Aerospace High-end Equipment Forum " , focusing on the current status and future trends of aviation equipment innovation and application, gathering benchmark forces in the aerospace field, and using new knowledge, new ideas, and new technologies. Concept opens a forward-looking industry perspective, builds a high-end aerospace social circle , and presents a hard-core industry gathering.


TEL : 86-18061616031


Building 10, Shenzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Park, No. 12 Beiixin Road, Suzhou City

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