Top 9 Must-Follow Tips for Using Swaging Machine

Swaging is a process that compresses a rod into a tube, usually for connection purposes. If you have ever seen the ends of cables or wires in your car, this is what was done to them for electrical connections and so on. 
Swaging machines are used to achieve this end and are available in varying sizes from small ones that can be carried around with you, to larger ones that require heavy machinery to use them properly. 
In order to use swaging machines correctly, there are some things you need to know about how they function as well as best practices when using them. Here are some tips:

Why It Is Important To Use Swaging Machines Correctly?

Surly, swaging machines are used to join and compress metal parts. These two processes cause the swaged joint to be stronger than the metals being joined and more resistant to corrosion. A wide range of products can be manufactured using swaging techniques, including:
•    Automotive components such as brake lines, fuel lines, and battery cables (all of which must withstand high temperatures).
•    Aircraft parts such as wires, bolts, and screws that need to be strong but lightweight for flight.
•    Construction equipment like steel bars that need increased strength at low weight or high strength at high weight.
As these equipment and constructions require correctness with following all the minute details, thus, it’s important to use swaging machine correctly. 

Top 9 Must-Follow Tips for Using Swaging Machine

Here are a few tips that you must follow before start using swaging machines:

1.    Always Use the Right Size Die
The most basic mistake that people make when using a swaging machine is not using the right size die. There are several different sizes of dies available for different types of metal, so make sure you use the correct one for your project. If you do not have the correct die, it can cause damage to your metal or render your finished product useless.

2.    Do Not Over-Swage
It is important to note over-swaging can cause damage to your wire rope assembly. Over-swaged wires have an increased chance of breaking, and they will not be able to withstand as much force or stress as a properly swaged one. 
If you need to remove an over-swaged wire, you may end up doing more damage than good by trying to do so yourself. This is why it’s important that you only swage your wire with a professional machine and/or by someone who knows what they're doing.

3.    Keep Machine Oiled and Clean
Keep the Machine Oiled
The swaging machine should always be kept clean and free of debris, but it must also be frequently lubricated. 
The best way to do this is with a high-quality lubricant such as WD-40 or silicone spray. It can keep your equipment running smoothly while helping protect against corrosion caused by water damage.
Keep the Machine Clean and Dry
Swaging machines are designed to withstand heavy use in any weather conditions, so you want to make sure that yours stays protected from moisture. It is apart from the fact how hot or humid outside gets during summertime months or how cold during winter. 
Make sure that everything is closed up tight when transporting your machine on rainy days; otherwise you may discover that some parts have rusted over when you go back out again!

4.    Ensure Proper Pressure
To ensure proper pressure, you must put your hand on the workpiece. If it doesn't feel right, you can make adjustments by adjusting the air pressure. To test for proper pressure, place one end of a ruler on top of the swaging head and press down with your other hand. 
If it's too hot for comfort for you to handle comfortably for several seconds, then your air pressure is too high and you need to turn it down a few pounds at most.

5.    Have Swaging Lubricant
When operating your swaging machine, you'll need to have a lubricant. This can be oil or grease, but whatever you choose should be applied to the die and the swaging bar. By reducing friction between these parts, you'll reduce wear on both the machine and its components.

6.    Use Protective Clothing, Gloves and Safety Glasses
When using a swaging machine, you should always wear protective clothing, gloves and safety glasses. Safety is of utmost importance when working with machines. 
In addition to these basic items, it is recommended that you wear an apron as well. You should also consider wearing ear protection while operating your swaging machine in case it starts to make any loud noises that could damage your hearing. The following are some examples of the types of gear we recommend:
•    Safety glasses 
•    Gloves 
•    An apron

7.    Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions At All Times
Now it is important to follow the instructions for your swaging machine. Don't be afraid or embarrassed to ask an employee at the store if you have a question about how to use it. 
Keep in mind that if you don't follow the instructions, there's a good chance that you'll need to replace parts or even get rid of your machine entirely.

8.    Apply a Maximum of Three Pumps Only Per Stroke
Don’t forget to always apply a maximum of three pumps per stroke. This will help you avoid over-swaging and damage to the material. Apply too much pressure and you may end up with an uneven end product and a damaged wire or tube.
If you are using a manual machine, it's very important to use your legs for pushing down on the handle instead of your arm muscles if possible. 
If you don't have enough strength in your arms, then it could be difficult for them to keep working continuously without getting fatigued or even injured.

9.    Avoid Using In Contaminated Water
Water contamination is one of the most common problems that occur in a swaging machine. This can lead to rusting of your machine parts and in worse cases, it can cause your life to be at risk. So, it is important to avoid using your swaging machine in contaminated water.


You should now have a good understanding of what swaging machines are and how they can be useful in your daily life. As you can see from the tips listed above, there are many things to consider. 
Swaging machines are an essential part of many industries, but it’s important to use them safely and correctly. If you follow these simple steps, then your job will be much easier and safer for everyone involved.
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