Congratulations To FCS (Ningbo) On Winning The Award Of The Top 50 Industrial Enterprises In Jiangbe

On March 7, 2023, Ningbo City Jiangbei District Economy High-quality Development Conference was held to commend outstanding enterprises and entrepreneurs who have made outstanding contributions to the high-quality economic and social development of Jiangbei District in 2022. Among them, FCS (Ningbo) Machinery Manufacture was one of Ningbo's Top 50 Industrial Enterprises.


FCS added the X-type parallel quartet injection solution
FCS's multi-component injection molding technology solutions have added a new member, an X-type parallel quartet injection molding machine. This technology has been successfully introduced into the FCS's large multi-component injection molding machine product line. The first GW-1600R large two-platen multi-component injection molding machine (parallel quartet injection molding machine) has been successfully delivered to a well-known supplier of headlights in China and put into mass production. FCS's multi-component injection molding machine has the advantages of high reliability, high yield rate, and high customization, so it has become one of the preferred brands of multi-component injection molding machines in the hearts of customers.

Photo/The GW-1600R Parallel Quartet Injection Molding Machine Has Been Put into Mass Production by the Customer.

By the end of 2022, the cumulative sales volume of FCS's medium and large multi-component injection molding machines used in the automobile industry has exceeded 865 units, with a total clamping force of over 870,000 tons and a cumulative currency amount of USD 276 million. With the large-scale and electric development of FCS's multi-component injection molding machines, the introduction of products with more neotype structures and larger tonnage will aid in the vigorous development of the new energy automobile industry!


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