Turret Milling Head Attachment(Bridgeport Milling Head Attachment)

milling head attachment

The milling heads are commonly used milling machine heads such as turret milling machines, bed milling machines, and vertical and horizontal milling machines. Spindle specifications have also introduced various spindle specifications of R8, NT30, NT40, which are used for rough milling, finishing milling, drilling... and other processing needs.


IK-3SASquare Type


1. IK milling heads can upgrade or replacement your original machine body, milling machine or special machine.
2. Chrome quill with super precision preloaded bearing can bring the high quality cutting benifits for machine and we also offer P4 bearings for your optional.
3. Machining travel can up to 127mm (5").
4. This product offer NT30 or R8 two kind of spindle machine model for you to optional.
5. Offer table 254x1720mm、X.Y.Z travel 851x405x440mm turret milling machine body (whole body) for you to optional.
6. There are 11 models in IK Turret Milling Machine Head Series.
With ultra-precision pre-load bearings, can bring you high-quality cutting benefits, but also provide P4-class bearings for you to choose from



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