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  1. Two machine componet in one machine unit design, fit for ergonomic operation.
  2. 5 Axes apply HEIDENHAIN linear scale connect as close feedback circuit loop for assurance of accuracy positio.
  3. Apply Linear bearing (cylinder type) guideway THK brand on 5 axes for durable and prcisely operation.
  4. Constant temperature setting Coolant unit equip on water tank which is saving space and efficient in cooling capability.
  5. Feed clean water into operation tank with excellect circulation ability of pump to ensure the wire cutting effect.
  6. Three pieces of filter element ensure filtration effencient and durable usage Ion exchange unit with reverse wash function to prolong the ion resin use life cycle.


  1. Program with auxiliary icon and dialogue editing.
  2. Chinese / English and Metric / imperial unit convrtable.
  3. 15" LCD display.
  4. 5X86 industrial grade PC.
  5. With flushing memory device 64MB external memory CF card.
  6. User memory capacity editing 100,000 block.
  7. Input format: External memory, keyboard, remote control box.
  8. Character set: Alphanumeric and symbols.
  9. Positionting command : Absolute coordinate / Relative coordinate.
  10. Max. input command : ±9999.999.
  11. Machining condition storge capacity 1000 conditions.
  12. 4 axes simutaneous control machining.
  13. Offset settings storage capacity 240 conditions.
  14. NC unit with Muti-tasking CORN APP ARC cutting function.
  15. Position detection by full close loop(linear scale).
  16. Machining parameter to be access and memory.
  17. Backlash and torque compensation are separated to each axis.
  18. Calibration function.
  19. Auto Original point finding.
  20. Auto Vertical calibration.
  21. Auto Edge finding.
  22. Auto Center finding.
  23. Auto Slit finding.
  24. Auto ARC center finding.
  25. Auto side center finding.
  26. Parellel compensate.
  27. Back to G54 ~ G59 setting coordinate datum.
  28. Various machine operation & machining function, incl.:
    a. NC program Editing & Files managemenet function.
    b. Simulate NC program graph preview.
    c. Wire threading operation: Manual treading, Auto threading,
    d. Monitor of machining.
    e. Dry RUN.
    f. Program setting machining.
    g. EDM parameter setting machining.
    h. Graph Zoom machining monitor.
    i. FLY Cut machining.
    j. ARC CORN machining.
    k. FINE setting machining.
    l. AWT parameter setting: wire break point, Go back to start point, Along the path go back to cutting point, to wire threading.
    m. Tapper machining.
    n. Alarm message indication, Machining history record.



A) Machine Unit(including electrical control unit)
Work Tank Dimensions
920 x 770 x 335mm
X, Y, Z, Axis Travel
550 x 350 x 300 mm
U, V, Axis Travel
120 x 120mm
Distance From Floor To Table Top
1050 mm
Max. Tapper Angle (°)
± 30°
(120mm thickness) wide angle nozzle Ø16mm
Max. Workpiece Size
880 x 730 x 300 mm
Max.Workpiece Weight
550 kgs
Wire Tension
550 ~ 1500 gf
Max. Wier Axis Load
10 kg
Max. Wier Feeding Rate
300 mm/sec
Wire Best Surface Finish
Ø 0.1 mm to Ø 0.3 mm (Standard Ø0.25 mm)
Max. Machining Output Current
< Ra 0.16 um
Total Power Input
Machine W x L x H
1900 x 2450 x 2150 mm
Total Weight Of Machine Unit
2700 kgs
B)Dielectric Tank (water)(including coolant unit and deionizer)
Tank Dimension W x L x H
950 x 2000 x 1730mm
Weight Of Water Tank (Empty)
650 Kgs
Capacity Of Water Volume
1223 liters
Filtration Method
Replace paper filter 3 filter elements
Deionizer:Lon Exchange Capacity
14 liters
Total Machine Dimension A+B
2850 x 2450 x 2150 mm
Total Weight Of Machine A+B
Total Occupy Space
2880 x 2450 mm

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