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In Mold Labeling Turnkey Solution
In Mold Labeling Turnkey Solution

Because of the demand of elegant container package, these package materials not only have to be clean and beautiful but also have to be environmental friendly during producing and after use. FCS integrates the injection molding and automatic techniques as a new turnkey solution, "A-PACK In Mold Labeling Turnkey Solution".

The whole system includes AF series-Hybrid Close Loop Injection Molding Machine, mold designed for IML, multi-function label feeding system, label for IML. For example, to produce 200ml cup with "A-PACK In Mold Labeling Turnkey Solution", the cycle time only needs 6 seconds and the monthly throughput could be 1.5 million of cups. The solution increases the yield rate and efficiency amazingly. 

This solution help you integrate four major elements including the injection molding machine, label feeding system, mold, and labels, which prevents from the risks of buying separately, and with features as below: 

Injection Molding Machine (AF Series)

‧Material feeding driven by AC-servo motor, lessening energy consumption and feeding precisely.

‧Adopting close-loop servo-valve control system, acting precisely.

‧Single cylinder structure with pillar guiding enables the injection stable for high speed injection.

‧Highly rigid clamping unit is suitable for injection with high speed and high pressure.

‧Hybrid structure enables fast cycle time and efficient molding.

Multi-function Label Feeding System

‧Patented label feeding structures enables label feeding stably.

‧Auto-stack system eases packaging process.

‧3-axis servo robot acts fast, precisely and stably.

Precision Mold

‧Mold is designed for thin-wall product and high injection speed molding with hot runner and specially designed cooling circuit.

‧Vacuum label absorbing structure enables the label feeding stably and without any marks.

Label for IML Process

‧Label adopts environment friendly and recyclable material.

‧By customers' need, the label could be designed with different graph, material and also with anti-counterfeit features.

For more details, please contact  TOTALSOLUTION@fcs.com.tw


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