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Jet Washer
Jet Washer - Front Opening Type



High efficiency: Job need to be done by half day can be finished in 15 ~ 30 minutes by jet washer.

Low maintain cost: Only 10% maintaining fee of trichloroethane ultra-sonic washer.

Environmental friendly: Do not use chlorofluoromethane and trichloroethane to destroy ozone layer.

Varied model: From small parts to huge products, all can be clean up totally.

  • Large quantities of hot cleaning fluid are throughly sprayed by jets over every corner of large parts, even those with complicated shapes. These machines deliver outstanding and speed washing result.
  • Not only is there no need to spin a heavy work load, but the entire nozzle revolves around the work load powered by the reaction force of its own spray rather than a motor. NISSIN's unigue cross-arch revolving nozzle gives us a simple structure that does not break down. In particular, the machine is designed to stand low off the ground so that it is easier to remove heavy parts in and out. Its workability is outstanding.
  • An external washing tank is a standard feature. Placing the washing tank on the outside makes it easy to change the filter and clean the washing tank. This helps to maintain an excellent washing environment.
  • Usage:
    • Oil cleaning and rust-resistance after machine rework and after assembly.
    • Oil-free after heat treatment, cleaning of alumni, light metal mold, copper etc.
    • Oil cleaning after lathing.
    • Oil cleaning of parts, engine in maintenance.
    • Can be applied on all kind of old and new parts cleaning.
  • Can be used in the following Situations:
    • Washing to remove grease before paint is applied to small or large parts.
    • Heavy washing to remove cutting oil shavings that are generated on a factory's process line or detailed washing for parts prior to assembly.
    • Washing repair parts for automobilies, boats, airplane and industrial machines.
    • Washing any other type of part, large or small, that does not require extremely delicate washing such as that needed with electronic parts.

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Model Max. work load capacity (Dimension) Max.basket capacity Tank capacity Voltage Power Machine Dimension (WxDxH)
KT-350NL 1,170Ø x 6,50H mm 600kg 280L 3 phase 220V 12KW 2,200 x 1,540 x 1,980mm
Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • FOB: Taichung, Taiwan

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