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Jiangsu Haiwan Precision Technology Co. , Ltd. focuses on the development and expansion of angle heads , side milling heads, machine tool accessories and functional components. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating design, production and sales. The company's headquarters and R&D base are located in Suzhou, the beautiful Chinese garden city.

Product Usage
The main purpose of our products is to solve product design difficulties and processing pain points that cannot be processed by conventional machine tools inside the product cavity. The use of processing machine tools with angle heads expands the functions of cutting machine tools to a greater extent and increases the number of axes of machine tools. Reduce workpiece clamping time, improve production efficiency, and further improve the accuracy of processed parts.
Development Background
Currently, domestic angle head application end customers mainly rely on imports. The product varieties are single, expensive, the procurement and customization cycle is long, and maintenance is inconvenient. It cannot meet the production and market needs of domestic enterprises. In order to change the status quo that the angle head market has been controlled by foreign countries for a long time and break the foreign technology monopoly. Gulf Precision was established only to develop and produce high-quality domestic angle heads with quality assurance and economical application.
The expansion development
company has strong technical and R&D capabilities and has its own technical R&D team. Team members actively absorb advanced technological experience at home and abroad and develop a number of advanced technological achievements. The company's R&D and production capabilities are already at the forefront of the industry. The company continues to increase investment in research and development, recruit high-tech talents, introduce advanced processing CNC equipment, and design and develop special machine tools, tooling, and processes. Improve R&D capabilities and production capabilities, ensure production quality and efficiency, and ensure delivery time. It has realized the inspection of each product before shipment, the quality is controllable, and it has also improved the after-sales support capabilities of the products.
Business philosophy
Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the business principles of talent-oriented and honest business, and has always adhered to the quality of functional parts. Practicality and economy are used to develop angle heads based on the three elements of 'higher precision', 'higher strength' and 'higher life'. Provide high-quality products to customers and serve the market.
As a result,
through years of innovation and exploration, hundreds of products have been successfully developed, which can be installed on a variety of spindle unit machine tools at home and abroad for customers to use (such as: BT CAT SK HSK CAPTO), covering complex parts processing in various industries, especially Processing of parts in small spaces. Our advantages are obvious. Its "Daoke" and "Mailang" brand angle heads and side milling heads are well received by the majority of customers.

Since the establishment of the customer base
, the company has reached major cooperative relationships with many large enterprises and achieved outstanding results in many fields such as shipbuilding, aerospace, new energy vehicle manufacturing, oil mining equipment, and mold processing. Hope to become your most reliable long-term partner.


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Building 10, Shenzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Park, No. 12 Beiixin Road, Suzhou City


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