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Welcome to GearKo, a pioneer in innovative planetary gearbox technology. We are dedicated not only to manufacturing top-notch planetary gearboxes but also to establishing a profound influence within the industry. To better communicate with our partners and customers, we have set up a professional page on LinkedIn and warmly invite you to join our network.


Our LinkedIn page serves as a window to the latest updates from GearKo and a platform for learning and interaction. Each week, we share industry trends, expert knowledge, technological innovations, and the latest developments of our company. Whether you are an industry expert or a novice curious about planetary gearboxes, you will find valuable content on our page.


By subscribing to our LinkedIn page and turning on notifications, you will be the first to access this invaluable information. We encourage you to actively engage by commenting and sharing, enriching our professional community. Your participation is extremely valuable to us.


Join our LinkedIn page now to explore the world of planetary gearboxes together, push for technological innovation, and create a better future! We look forward to meeting you on LinkedIn and growing together.


TEL : 886-2-82000620

FAX : 886-2-82000605

9F.-2, No. 163, Sec. 1, Wanshou Rd., Guishan Dist., Taoyuan City 333027 , Taiwan

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