Regal Machinery--40 Years of Mastery Creates the "Ferrari of Threading Machining'"

In Taiwan, the manufacturing and machine tool industries, dubbed "hidden champions" by economists, are embracing a new wave of digital transformation. In this trend, not only large enterprises are driving innovation, but small and medium-sized enterprises like Regal Machinery are also actively participating, showing their innovative capabilities and technical strength.


Regal Machinery's founder, Mr. Hong, with over forty years of experience in manufacturing gear reducers and screws, deeply understands the international market's needs and differences. "German machines are very durable but operate slowly; Chinese machines are cheaper but have environmental issues due to tool wear," said Mr. Hong. Facing this market situation, he decided to create an innovative model that combines multiple processes into one. This worm gear processing machine not only saves a lot of time but also achieves efficient integration of processes. For example , the processing time for threading, chamfering, and keyway operations on a module five workpiece is only twelve minutes.


The introduction of this technology caused quite a stir in the industry. At an international machine tool exhibition, customers from Turkey and India showed great interest and professional evaluation of this worm gear processing machine, which also proved that Regal Machinery's technological innovations have reached an international level. Notably, Regal Machinery even designed its gearbox, choosing high-wear-resistant special steel as the material and using tungsten steel milling cutters for high-temperature wear resistance to enhance production efficiency.


Mr. Hong and his team's commitment to product quality is commendable. Under his precise lean management, all equipment is held to very high durability standards. An interesting anecdote shared by the employees of Regal Machinery is that the dustpans and mops in the Regal factory are made to industrial specifications because Mr. Hong even uses the interfaces of the dustpans for threading and welding, making them virtually indestructible. Mr. Hong's philosophy of cherishing resources, from managing the factory to pursue product quality, is a key factor in Regal Machinery's competitive edge in the market.


Ms. Li, the company's deputy head and one of its key figures, is not only enthusiastic about promoting innovative technologies but also a staunch supporter of the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) concept. She believes that corporate social responsibility should start from their own factory and has practically applied this philosophy to the company's daily operations. Ms. Li often says, "You reap what you sow; being diligent about environmental protection is being responsible for the future." She also emphasizes, "Our machines, like our people, should be worthy of this land, worthy of this air." These words deeply reflect Taiwanese entrepreneurs' love and respect for local culture and environmental responsibility.


Ms. Li also spares no effort in promoting technology. She has even integrated carbon emission tracking technology into the company's screw processing equipment, making these machines not only efficient but also environmentally friendly. She has a deep understanding of the application of gear reducers, saying , "Gear reducers might not be familiar, but they are actually everywhere in everyone's life, like in ice cream makers, building elevators, and construction cranes." Therefore, she moved from behind the scenes to the forefront, promoting the seemingly cold concept of gear reducers with applications closely related to everyday life.


At the technology demonstration, Ms. Li's expertise and passion for screw processing deeply impressed professionals from around the world. Her precise answers and thorough introductions not only deepened customers' trust in Regal Machinery's technology but also opened up more business opportunities for the company in the international market. Mr. Hong's manufacturing expertise and Ms. Li's sales strategies form the two wings of Regal Machinery's success, driving the company forward in a highly competitive market.



As digitalization demands increase, Regal's equipment has integrated advanced IoT technology, which not only makes the machines smarter but also enables energy monitoring, carbon emission tracking, and yield judgment, further enhancing process efficiency and environmental standards. This upgrade in technology is not only a technical advancement but also a concrete practice of the philosophy of loving Taiwan and the Earth.



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