5um determines the gap between craftsmen and extreme craftsmanship

Originated from Bai Yi Precision Co.,

we uphold the spirit of quality first, high efficiency, and innovative R&D.


In today's generation, we provide customers with a fast and complete customized cutting tool system: from machining workpieces, tool configuration, drawing confirmation, precise grinding, precise testing, strict quality control to fast delivery, we can produce various styles of disposable cutting tools to meet customer demands. The concept of tool system is to increase efficiency, shorten working time, reduce customer costs, and increase market competitiveness.


Since our establishment, we have accumulated a lot of words of mouths in fields of aerospace, electronic technology, medical bone nails, automobile and motorcycle, bicycle parts, mechanical equipment, metal processing, construction engineering, industrial plastics, etc. and other related industries.


Our company has decades of experiences and skills in grinding and manufacturing. We keep an attitude of enhancing for excellence, reinforcing the efficiency of customer services, innovating quality disposable forming tools, and promoting worldwide to feedback to our customers for the supports and trusts.


TEL : 886-4-24520867

FAX : 886-4-24523566

No.11-1, Aly. 255, Fushang Ln., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407, Taiwan

Website : www.ezb2b.com/tch/c7697


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