Machine accessories

The most commonly used machine tool accessory of milling head, it is the important part of accessory for the machine tool to make sure the high performance of machining.

The following key points are how PARA MILL’s milling head apply to high performance machining of milling head:

l  Cast

  Adopt Meehanite cast iron for the major cast iron for the cast.

Meehanite cast iron after stress relief is effetely stabilized milling head and keeps machining precision in standard.

l  Gears

  Adopt SCM415 Alloy Steel, quenching and grinding to JIS 1st grade.

l  Transmission shaft

  Adopt SCM415 Alloy Steel, quenching and grinding to JIS 1st grade.

l  Guide way

  Adopt surface hardening, heat treatment, and grinding that ensure surface is precise and durable.

l  Spindle

  Heavy-duty cutting spindle with taper NT50/BT50

Brief, these key points made PARA MILL’s milling head lives more than 30 years, even milling head 30 years ago still remains on machining duty. Therefore, following the principles of “Diligence, Honesty, and Reliability,” we make an all-out effort to maintain our professional image and to provide top-notch double-sided milling machines, horizontal milling machines, and milling head units. Many years have passed since we began, and we have become highly reputed as reliable.

Optional equipment

  • Pneumatic Tool Lock
  • CL-06, CL-09, With 3/ AC motor for feeding device
  • Ball Screw
  • Air Balancer
  • Max. Cutter Dia. Can be up to 315 mm
Spindle Motor 10 HP x 4P
Spindle Taper NT-50#
Spindle End O.D. ф128.57
Spindle Speed 6 step
Spindle Speed (RPM) 50 HZ
60 HZ
Max. Cutter Dia. 200 mm
Work Travel 300 mm
AC Motor 1/4 HP x 1/25
Rapid Speed 360 mm/min
Hand Wheel 2 mm/rev
Weight 420 kg


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