Top 10 materials used in auto parts manufacturing

The automobile industry is the largest industry that consumes raw materials derived both from natural or derived sources. For the past few years, users have selected auto parts depending upon stability and efficiency. Therefore, one must be aware of what kind of material is used in manufacturing different parts of the automobile. Furthermore, the usage of different materials leads to the difference in efficacy in fuel consumption and performance.

The Automobile industry uses several raw materials like steel, aluminum, rubber, Glass and builds every part with a different combination of materials. Auto parts manufacturer is always concerned while selecting a raw material source and its effect on the final product.  some raw materials are given below:

1. Steel

In modern industry, steel is one of the most widely used raw materials as it contributes a lot to the weight of auto parts. The steel used in auto parts manufacturing is obtained from its ores obtained from the earth. Different types of steel are used in manufacturing different parts.  Steel plays its role in providing strength and absorbing shock. That's why it is mainly used in door panels and support beams. Depending upon the difference in rigidity level, steel manufacturers used them in the construction of car roofs and exhaust pipes.

2. Plastic

The following raw material that is used in the manufacturing of auto parts is plastic. This material is obtained by chemical process on petroleum. According to research, 8 to 10% weight of nay automobiles is due to plastic. This plastic is used widely in construction because of its durability. Auto parts manufacturers use plastic in air conditioner vents, floors, switches, handles, and many parts inside the engine also have plastic in their construction. This material is used in place of steel because of its prominence and versatility to bear weight.

3. Rubber

Rubber is one of the crucial components that any auto parts manufacturer uses for many undeniable reasons. As compared to its production, 65% of rubber is used in making different parts of automobiles. The primary usage of rubber is the construction of ties and belts. This material is also used widely because of its versatility and ability to mold different shapes on the requirement. Rubber plays a vital role in increasing efficiency and its heat bearing capacity and road safety feature without undergoing deformation.

4. Aluminum

The following durable material that also holds its mark in the auto parts manufacturing industry is aluminum. The usage of aluminum increases day by day as auto parts manufacturers are aware of its rigidity and toughness without being so heavy. Usage of aluminum is more evident in supercars as it increases performance. In today's world, aluminum is used to construct different engine parts as it leads to less fuel consumption and better performance. Wheels also have some aluminum in their construction, and it also takes the place of many hard metals used in the manufacturing of different automobile parts.

5. Glass

one cannot ignore Glass in the manufacturing industry, especially from the viewing point of view. Different types of Glass are used in cars in the form of lenses to obtain clever and clear views of the surrounding. Glass is used in creating windshields that will keep the driver safe during a heavy windstorm and other small wind objects. With the advent of technology, Glass is used to make back lenses that also help obtain a clear view from the backside. To prevent more damage during a road accident, laminated glasses are also used in making different parts of automobiles.

6. Fiberglass

Fiberglass is widely used by auto parts manufacture in place of steel as it does not rust easily. This material is very much different from gals in its construction and the purpose of its usage. Fiberglass is mainly air woven in small strands with resin paints that provide tensile strength and heat resistance. This material is widely used in making your automobile fire-resistant. In addition, this is also of vital importance while making bumpers and wheels a swell. The primary purpose of fiberglass usage in the automobile industry is to provide insulation.

7. Lead

When it comes to stability and weight balance, the only metal that is in use is lead. The most crucial usage of lead in the automobile industry is in batteries. Even automatic and electric car batteries have lead in their construction as they can maintain the temperature and keep it to a safe level. Because this metal is a little heavy and can bear weight different ratio of lead is added in tires with fiberglass to increase its weight-bearing capacity.

8. Titanium

Titanium can be used in manufacturing different parts of automobiles by any auto parts manufacturer because of its resistance against corrosion and less density. Titanium is mainly involved in the construction of combustion engine parts. Usage of this metal reduces the consumption of fuel and increases the efficiency of the automobile. In addition to the above, all this metal helps reduce noise levels while burning the engine. Usage of this metal is limited to only a few manufacturers as it is costly.

9. Magnesium

The following raw material widely used by auto parts manufacturing industries is magnesium because of its lightweight feature. This metal is used to construct the steering wheel and many interior parts where little weight can lead to better performance. This metal is used in the front end of automobiles, thus helping in better handling and turning.

10. Copper

Copper is although not used in large amounts but plays a crucial role during the wiring procedure. This metal has better thermal conductivity is used in radiators and making other electric connections in the car. Besides this, it is also used in a starter, radio, and other safety systems.


Automobiles manufacturing is not as simple as it involves different materials in a different ratio. One can use the material in different parts with a combination of other metals for better results. The variety and quality of all these metals play a crucial role in deciding the weight and price of the particular automobile part. In short automobile industry is the most significant source to consume massive raw materials for production purposes.




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