What is a Milling Vice?

What is a Milling Vice?

Milling vice is one type of clamping tool mainly made to be used on milling machines thanks to its strong construction. The process of milling puts greater pressure on the workpiece while the cutter is rotating along the material. This is the exact opposite of drilling in which the drill bit is rotating directly into it. It means that a stronger vice is required.

The jaws of a milling vice are designed from hardened steel that can bear the cutter’s force with a body that is made of high tensile cast iron that offers better rigidity and greater strength during the process of milling.

Milling machines are types of fixed machines where the items made of solid materials like wood and metal are being milled. When you speak of milling, this refers to the process of cutting that uses a rotary cutting tool to remove the material from the workpiece’s surface.

The vice will be mounted to the table of the machine and securely hold the workpiece while this is in operation.

Uses of a Milling Vice

The primary and number one use for the milling vice is clamping objects that will be milled. The milling vice is meant to firmly hold the workpiece between its jaws to ensure that it will stay completely still while the cutter is rotating through the object.

The milling vice is usually required in different operations like milling. This is because while the cutter is rotating, this will exert an outward pressure that can make the workpiece spin or get thrown if this is not securely held or clamped down.

It can pose danger to the hands of the user, so the milling vice is recommended as this helps ensure that both hands will remain free and at a safe distance away from the cutter during the milling process.

The milling vice can also be used for holding different materials such as wood, plastic, aluminium, and steel. This can also come in handy for different milling tasks such as profiling and plunging.

The milling vice is also typically used to form dovetail joints on the milling machine. The milling vice is also a tool used that can be used by all types of workers from the industrial manufacturers to the DIYers, and even the hobbyists.

Common Characteristics of a Milling Vice

Just like a drill press vice, a milling vice usually features hardened jaws so that it will be able to endure the extensive amount of force associated with different milling applications.

There are also jaw pads that can cover these hardened jaws to provide protection to the softer workpieces like wood from potential damages.

Most of the milling vice models today also feature a swivel base to allow the vice to be rotated around into different positions throughout the machining process.

With the different uses and applications of milling vice,  it is easy to see that this is one of the important tools for most of today’s industries and processes.

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