Green Eco Pro Professional and technical beyond the industry


Prevent Pollution systems Your best choice

Oil Mist Collectors

Coolant Purification Systems

Chip Vacuum Removal System

Precision Filtration System



  • The patented design with non-lipophilic substances mixed in the material, one injection molding, prompting the oil molecules to achieve continuous and rapid separation, and speed up the settlement of suspended

Floating Skimmer

  • The patent design for avoiding twist can float on water and running smoothly

FC Series Negative pressure cylinder

  • Interception quantity of particulate matter

GEP Series LED Intelligent Alert

  • Intelligent Alert for cleaning display

・Future Vision

The core of Green Eco Pro is eco-friendly, It create research and development, New technology, economical concept and become a stream of pure water of Green Energy for Industry.

Hope reduce persecution of environment, extend ecosystem life.


Green Eco Pro
Professional and technical beyond the industry

To create efficient and innovative services

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Oil Mist Collectors

Smart Alert Flagship Series

Economically efficient S series

Coolant Purification Systems

Oil Skimmer Ultra 90

Oil skimmer Ultra 360

Oil skimmer Ultra 1200

Chip Vacuum Removal System

FC Series

Precision filter FCG-105

Precision filter FCG-105 AUTO


S.T.P.M module

Floating Skimmer

Adjust Skimmer

High efficiency filter tube

Double open filter

FCG series filter


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