Die Sinker EDM_CNC Series_CNC S430S

Die Sinker EDM

Die Sinker EDM


CNC S430S are Computer Numerical Control type of sinker edm machines. It features with 2.5D Mode motion machining. The oil tank capacity is up to 357 liter. The oil tank of this model is designed underneath of the machine body, where allows it to fit into facilities with limited floor space and working areas. With its latest FUZZY intelligence function, it will automatically come out with he machining parameters. The work table is 650 x 350 mm, suitable for working on small workpiece and mould, such as: electrical components, mobile phones housing and etc.


  Unit Specifications
Table Travel (X) mm 400
Table Travel (Y) mm 300
Servo Travel (Z) mm 300
Max. Workpiece Dimensions (WxD) mm 920 x 505
Max. Filling Height of Dielectric Tank mm 215
Distance Between Chuck to Work Table mm 150-450
Max. Workpiece Weight kgs 550
Max. Electrode Weight kgs 120
Dimensions (W) mm 3124
Dimensions (D) mm 2306
Dimensions (H) mm 2428
Weight kgs 1200


Power Supply Unit Unit 60A
Overall Power Consumption KVA 6
Weight kgs 320


Dielectric Unit Unit Specifications
Capacity L 380
Filter Density μm 10
Filter Elements   3
Weight kgs Built-in
Dimensions mm(inch) Built-in



TEL : 886-4-23385818

FAX : 886-4-23380035

No.359, Xuetian Rd., Wuri Dist., Taichung City 414, Taiwan

Website : www.oscaredm.com


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