Injection Molded Part Design Guidelines

Today we will talk about “Injection Molded Part Design Guidelines”
There are some tips to making critical decisions for manufacturing.
Every part design is unique, but not the elements that need to be considered for overall quality and manufacturing of your plastic component. Ruey Chyi’s engineers have many years of combined experience in injection molding, with extensive knowledge of part designing, mold designing, part fill simulation and material expertise to help guide you during the design phase. The “Injection Molded Part Design Guidelines” will review items to consider when designing your next plastic component.

1. Maintaining uniform wall thickness to minimize sink, warp and improve mold fill.
2.Using generous radius at all corners to avoid sharp corners that increase stress concentration.
3.Incorporating sufficient draft angles for easy removal of the part from the mold.
4.Using ribs or gussets to improve part stiffness.

Of course, this is only a rough design guideline for plastic parts. For the same product, each mold manufacturer’s design method will be slightly different, and there will be different manufacturing costs according to customer needs. This tool requires detailed communication between the customer and Ruey Chyi to achieve product optimization.


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