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Shin Yan Sheno Precision Industrial Co., Ltd was founded in 1991, as a manufacturer

of plastic injection medical disposables, components, and especially for its molds in Taiwan.

“We insist on our demand in quality, determined to exceed your set standard”, with high standard

quality control and professional in production and development of precision medical disposables.

We dedicate to build the reputation of “Made in Taiwan” to be accepted by everyone and everywhere.

SYS certified to ISO 13485, and GMP certificate in 2006, and we are honored to be awarded by Beijing

International High-Tech EXPO with Gold Award, Recognition Award by Ministry of Industry of Israel,

Gold Award of SIIF(SEOUL), Taiwan Top 10 Outstanding Inventor and Gold Hand Award of Taichung

County. SYS are also famous by owning more than 40 medical device patents overseas.


Manufacture in SYS:

Medical components injection moulds manufacture: SYS has more than 400 set of medical equipment molds, all design

and manufacture by us.

Medical Device Plastic Injection Molding: Professional on medical grade material PVC (Hard & Soft Processing),

PC, COP, COC, PET. Injection-molded medical injection parts design, tool, manufacture, assemble and packing.

SYS originally profession in mould manufacturing, in 1996 SYS commence the production of medical

components products supplies. Nowadays, SYS provides a full production line, from products

1.Concept communication → 2.Design and development →3.mold manufacturing →4.injection molding →5.Assemble of

components →6.Packaging sterilization →7.License application to build an In-house manufacturing process. SYS offer OEM,

ODM and customize service, we ensure to provide our customers with multiple choices for design and manufacturing

solution in their own medical devices industry field.

Over the years we have earned confidence of several OEMs &ODMs, Pharmaceutical & Medical

companies by supplying quality products & services over the world, we already approved preferred

molds/components supplier of some prominent names in the Medical Devices Industry in USA, Japan,

Russia, China, Netherlands, Korea, India, Saudi Arabia, Qutar, Denmark, Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey, Eqypt,

Iran, Belgium, Germany, Kemya, Syria, Pakistan, Jordan, Israel, Canada, Kazakh, Lebanon etc.

[ Main Products ]

◎Aesthetic Medicine Products: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Needle With Side Hole, Embedding

Therapy Needle (Face Thread Lifting or Surture Thread with needle; PDO), syringe for cosmetic (PC)

◎Hemodialysis: Hemodialysis Set Components, A.V. Fistula Needle set, leakage test machine

◎Cardiac Catheterization: Central Venous Catheter (CVC;CVP) components, Blue GW Syringe,

GW Torque, Hemostasis Y-Connector, Manifolds & Stopcocks, Rotating Luer-lock

◎Special Syringe: Prefilled Syringe, Low Resistance Syringe, Luer-lock syringe(with injection port)

◎Laboratory Accessories: Microtiter plate, PCR Tube, Blood Donor, 50/15cc Centrifuge Tube

[ Equipment ]

SYS has around 6,600 m2 floor space, being a professional medical devices manufacturer, we demand

strictly on factory cleanness.

◎100,000 grade plastic injection workshop with 24 medical grade molding machine. (Oblique/Scara

robot arm equipped)

◎1000 grade plastic injection workshop with Austrian all-electric molding machine (5 axis robot arm

equipped) SYS dedicate to develop higher-priced medical disposables. We believe in-House

manufacturing system keep the standard of high quality, the inspection process is required.

◎Quality Control Testing Laboratory:

◎10,000 grade assembling workshop

◎EtO Sterilization Autoclave



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No. 88, Lane 270, Sec. 2, Shi-Nan Rd., Wurih Dist., Taichung City 414, Taiwan

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