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Injection Molding Machine
Multi-Loop - High Speed Injection Molding Machine
AD-150 ~ AD-350

AD Series Multi-Loop High Speed Injection Molding Machine: AD-150~350

To cater to the increasing requirements of the bottle closure market, FCS had been continuously researching and improving on the associated technical aspects, resulting in the ultra-high speed FCS-CAP Series. In this series, the newly launched FCS-CAP16/28 closure production system uses a 16-cavity mold for mineral water bottle caps. The system's cycle time has been shortened substantially to 4.5 to 4.8 seconds, breaking the record of 6.1 seconds for this industry. The monthly output for this efficient system is 9 million caps. 

• It comprises of 3 major sub-systems: AD-150 tripe-loop fast cycle injection molding machine, a 16-cavity mold, and the patented FS-CB250 bottle cap-cutting machine. ( Mold and bottle cap-cutting machine are provided by Fu Hsian Industrial Co., Ltd.) 
• Triple Loop Hydraulic system: By using a triple-loop design, material charging is done during mold opening/closing and ejection, which reduces the cycle time. 
• Three Axis Simultaneous Movement: It is the key to the high performance of this production system and able to raise output by over 21%. 
• Shut-Off Nozzle: Designed with high performance shut-off nozzle and 100% prevent leakage. 
• New Injection Carriage: To prevent barrel tilted and nozzle raised. 
• Application: Suitable for narrow-neck bottles (mineral water, juices, carbonated drinks) with capacity of 350cc, 600cc, 1250cc, 1500cc and 2000cc.


The following specifications are for your reference only and can not be used as the machine acceptance criteria. Please contact with our sales representatives to confirm the most appropriate machine features.

1.The shot weight is based on polystyene (PS) at specific gravity of 1.05.
2.The features are for your reference only. Due to continuous improvements, we reserve the right to amend any of the above specifications without prior notice.

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